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Canberra Tolkien Fellowship

The Canberra Tolkien Fellowship meets monthly online with friends from the Brisbane and Melbourne Tolkien Fellowships and other friends across Australia.  We share our love of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works and adaptations of these in film, tv, art and music.

Trivia night montage.jpg

If you are in the Canberra region it would be great if you can join us and contribute your suggestions for some local social activities.  Make sure you also come along to any of the monthly Australian Zoom get togethers.

For details of our upcoming meetings and events:

We have met a couple of times in person for coffee and trivia in Lyneham and joined a Lord of the Rings themed trivia night at a local club.

Some Canberra members attended Ozmoot 2023 in Brisbane and we are helping with preparations for Ozmoot 2024 in Sydney.

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