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Melbourne Tolkien Fellowship

The Melbourne Tolkien Fellowship aims to provide a friendly meeting place where those with a love of the writings & mythology of JRR Tolkien can share & connect. By creating a Melbourne based Tolkien fan club we want to promote a wider awareness and appreciation of Tolkien’s writing, and the adaptation of his legendarium depicted through film, television, art and gaming.

You are welcome to join up as we regularly visit Middle-earth.

“Le maedol hí.” Elvish Sindarin for “You are welcome here.”


Our Fellowship is currently like the seed of a Mallorn tree (the trees that grew in Lothlórien), small but with great potential. We have been meeting online with the Australian wide Hern Ennorath Tolkien group, but now with Covid lockdowns behind us we are planning to expand to local meetings and activities.


Core members/volunteers

Trevor Bowen

Melbourne Tolkien Fellowship coordinator

I have enjoyed the privilege of working with young people and families throughout my employment as a teacher and Principal. Tolkien’s legendarium has long held my fascination, and I am passionate about reading and studying his writing and sharing this interest with others. I busy myself with woodwork and lead lighting in my spare time.


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