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SBBC - June Meeting

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Our book for June is the 1980s cult classic 'Bladerunner' or, more appropriately, Phillip K Dick's 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' As this novel has been adapted to film, twice, part of the discussion on the day will feature the films: Bladerunner and Bladerunner 2049.

This discussion will be held virtually, through the event on our Facebook page. Feel free to comment now or join us on the day.

Previously in 2020

January's meeting was an interesting discussion of potential books for the year's list. We have some very interesting and diverse titles to look forward to.

February's book was Kevin Hearne's novel 'Hounded'.

Though it was a small book, the story is pack full of action and humour. Centred around Atticus O'Sullivan, a 2100 year old last-of-his-kind Druid, now living in Arizona to escape the wrath of a Celtic deity, whose sword he stole centuries ago. This is a delightful modern story, featuring expansive cameos by figures of mythology from around the world.

Similar to Gaiman's American Gods or Percy Jackson by Riordan.

April's book was James SA Corey's novel 'Leviathan Wakes'.

This novel was longer than the previous month, with the narrative split between two main characters: James Holden, an executive officer on an ice trawler travelling to Ceres Station from Jupiter, and Detective Miller, a security officer and detective past his prime, working on Ceres Station and given the task of locating a missing girl. This is both a sci-fi thriller set in Earth's future outposts in the solar system, a mystery full of suspense and discussion of space-affected racism, political exercises and influence and the power of ideaology.

The novel has been adapted for the small screen; The Expanse is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

May's book was Michael Moorcock's short story anthology Elric of Melnibone & other stories.

This was an interesting introduction to the world of Melnibone and it's albino Emperor, Elric. While our discussion was focussed on the second tale included, which detailed Elric's education on the dream couches and his eventual victory over his scheming cousin, other stories in the book helped set up the world that Melnibone existed within and the form that magic took. Story aspects included a multiverse travelled by sorcery, dragons whose conscious activities utterly exhaust them and fantasy set within a culture inspired by the Native North Americans. These stories have also been adapted to Graphic novels and are well worth looking up.

Similar series are Merchant Princes by Charles Stross, Spiritwalker trilogy by Kate Elliot or the Planet Ladder Manga.

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